The End of Greyhound Racing in Florida

Yesterday, in Florida, there was a vote on legislation that included Amendment 13 – an amendment that called for the end of greyhound racing by 2020. That vote passed and this will have an earth shattering impact on the racing greyhound industry in the US.

The Greyhound Supporters has always maintained a neutral stance on racing because viewpoints on racing (whether pro-racing or anti-racing) can be very passionately held. We have always encouraged our adopters and followers to educate themselves and obtain first-hand knowledge about the lives our greyhounds have lived before they moved into our homes and hearts, which is why we supported and participated in such events as Greyt Escapes – Kennels to Kouches. The Greyhound Supporters is pro-greyhound and we will do whatever we can to help the racing/adoption industries deal with the impact of Amendment 13.

It is important to understand that Amendment 13 made absolutely no provisions for care of the dogs by the state of Florida or the entities that lobbied to get this amendment on the ballot.

There are approximately 8000 dogs at Florida tracks and about 2000 more on farms in Florida. It is my understanding that there are about 5000 more on farms in other states that were destined to race in Florida.

If you consider just the 8000 hounds currently at Florida tracks and use some average numbers provided by those in the industry, the funds required to move those hounds into homes are frightening.

Approximately $350US for spay/neuter/teeth cleaning = $2.5 million.

Transporting a hound on a hauler within the US only is about $100 = $800,000.

– to move a hound to Canada and then Ottawa is about $50/hound.

Kibble to feed 8000 hounds waiting for homes per month is about $160,000US/month.

Not included in the figures above are flea, tick, internal parasite preventatives/medications or any other medications.

So based on the above, it is probably reasonable to say that the immediate cost impact is over $3 million US. And it is not fair or reasonable to ask the owners and trainers to pay these costs because most of them are going to be without jobs or losing their family business. They will be more concerned about feeding their families and keeping a roof over their heads.

There is not enough space in Florida adoption groups to take in 8000 dogs. That is why the Greyhound Supporters is going to do whatever it can to help. So if you are available to foster or help with transport or help in any other way, please let us know. We will need your help.

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Thank you.
Laura Simmermon
President/Adoption Coordinator

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